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Factory of Runes Diamond Tormentlocke: Chap 38
We left shortly after Lest finished reading how to use Cut. I would have loved to take the rest of the day off to let Aden and Forte recover, but the sooner we dealt with the Galactic problem the better. At least Aden could relax in the box for now, assuming he wasn’t pestering the rest too much.
Myself, Julia and Forte hadn’t gone far (I had selected them as the most intimidating of my team in the hopes that this would allow us to gain entry without a fight, I had a feeling we couldn’t just sneak in without being caught) when someone almost ran into us. He did manage to halt, but he looked rather furtive to get away. He handed me a disc of TM46 or Thief, said sorry and ran with some sort of walking lily pad behind him. Weird…He did look nice enough, and strong, but it was only later that I learnt why he was running. After walking a little more, a woman came round and asked if we had seen a guy with a Lotad (which I guess is the walking lily pad thing). We confi
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PKMNSkies-Reading Time Underway by confusedkangaroo PKMNSkies-Reading Time Underway :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 1 5 PKMNSkies-Too much... by confusedkangaroo PKMNSkies-Too much... :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 1 4
Factory of Runes Diamond Tormentlocke: Chap 37
“And…checkmate! Your turn!”
My Eevee shakes her head from side to side. She could resign but even I know that isn’t done. She moves her king forward one space, allowing me on my go to capture it with my gold general. Victory feels so good and I give a little squeal in delight, but as dad says, all victories come at a cost. I scope her up into my arms and hug her, before patting her gently between her ears.
“It’s ok. You’re fun to play Shogi with and you’ve only lost…12 times. You’ll win next time for sure!”
I get a little touch to my chin then, I don’t think she minds.
I hear a voice from a little further away. “12 wins? Your father would be proud.”
I get up from the floor and run to the kitchen. There are many women in there, but only one is mother: her long brown hair fluttering to the floor, her apron splotchy and her eyes deep blue with care. She’s one of
:iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 2 4
Mature content
Breath of Fire by Amanda Bouchet: A review :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 0 0
My Dedenne is evil (Dedenne and human Tf)
He leaned down, patting his little pet on the head as the little creature apparently slept peacefully.
“Hope you’re having good dreams mate.”
With that Hugh tucked himself into bed, put down his glasses, turned off his light and snuggled into the duvet. He watched the gently breathing form of his recently acquired Dedenne on the floor below his desk. He had been a present for Hugh by his grandfather, an expert breeder when it came to the Dedenne line. Hugh wasn’t old enough to be a trainer, nor was he sure he wanted to be one, but given that his parents were often away on business (his father was a surgeon, which meant long hours, sometimes night shifts, in order to save lives while his mother worked in telecommunications internationally, which meant that while there was usually one or the other at home, sometimes it was only him and even rarer that both were there) and that his great aunt, who often checked up on him when they weren’t around, wasn’t
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Ring of Lords Nuzlocke-11.2-11.3 by confusedkangaroo Ring of Lords Nuzlocke-11.2-11.3 :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 2 14
Factory of Runes Diamond Tormentlocke: Chap 36
The grey morning matched my sense of impending doom. Aden was super excited about taking on the gym, flying a fair way in front of myself and Selphy, who was busy with a book (on loan from the centre after she refused to leave without it), was cradled in my arms. I was thankful for something to hold onto: I didn’t know how my confrontation with Gardenia would go.
She was ready and waiting on a slightly raised white platform where our battle would take place. She smiled in a slightly unnerving kind of way. “I was convinced you’d get through my trainers, so…”
“Wait Gardenia!”
Gardenia paused, but kept smiling. “Why? Need to train more? The battle has been scheduled.”
“It’s not that,” although it was useful to know that if I wasn’t prepared for a gym battle I still had to do it at the right time, “It’s…you.”
“What? Am I too intimidating for you?”
“No, you’re…
:iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 2 2
Ring of Lords Nuzlocke-11.1 by confusedkangaroo Ring of Lords Nuzlocke-11.1 :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 1 30 Year of Appreciation-KaoriAnnaMori by confusedkangaroo Year of Appreciation-KaoriAnnaMori :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 2 4 PKMNSkies-Let's go mining by confusedkangaroo PKMNSkies-Let's go mining :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 2 0
Factory of Runes Diamond Tormentlocke: Chap 35
There was a gym guide next to a bush, who explained that this gym had a kind of ‘test’ to it. Many leaders apparently find it useful to test a trainer’s ability in other areas aside from battling, such as intelligence, patience, problem solving and so on. Here it was definitely a case of patience. Each gym trainer was part of a hide and seek game, but when found would suggest in a roundabout way where the next one was.
I prepared myself for a long day. I didn’t need to though. The first trainer was easy to find, and then the comments they gave were enough to find the rest. I did have a little difficulty with finding the last trainer because the hint before wasn’t very helpful, but in the end we found her.
As for the battles themselves, Aden had a blast with some of them, although I made sure he wasn’t the only one to fight. He could probably handle all of them himself, but I didn’t want to wear him out. Not that he was happy with this.
:iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 3 7
PKMNSkies-Flax seeds make...fabric? How? by confusedkangaroo PKMNSkies-Flax seeds make...fabric? How? :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 2 0
The Two Torcs by Debbie Viguie et. al: A review
Full title: Robin Hood Demon’s Bane: The Two Torcs by Debbie Viguie and James R. Tuck: A review
I wasn’t sure if I should delve back into the demonic land created by these two authors, given that last time I felt there was nothing new to the table of Robin Hood legend. With few stand out characters, a slow pace, hard to imagine people and a plot that doesn’t really get started, it didn’t fill me with much glee. It left me with enough though to take a shot at the second in the series, and part of me is glad I did.
The Two Torcs is the second in the Robin Hood Demon’s Bane series by Debbie Viguie and James R. Tuck. Set a short time (and I mean short) after the events of Mark of the Black Arrow, the plague has now left but tensions are still running high. Rule of England is in the hands of crazy Prince John, the demon Sherriff of Nottingham and Robin’s mother and witch Glynna, who is pregnant with the Sherriff’s child. Nobles can’t fight aga
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154-Meganium by confusedkangaroo 154-Meganium :iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 2 2
Thankful Hero (Gardevoir Tf)
I had always wanted to change. You know, you look up to your heroes, back in your childhood days, and think ‘Yeah, I want to be just like them.’ I say them because most heroes were hes rather than shes. They always did the cool stuff, saved the world and got praised for it. I wanted to be just like them, and then it happened.
I was standing in my garden when it occurred, and there was no one to see me. Suddenly I started glowing, a white glow all around me that sparkled. I felt light then, and I was. I looked down to see my feet dangling above the ground. It would have been right to freak out, but I felt strangely calm, almost distant of the whole thing.
I became aware of a twinkling in my eyes as they expanded across my face. Feeling no pain at all, my nose and mouth were quickly concealed across a white blank skin colour as the edges of my ears jutted out into three spikes. Was it my ear lobes or were they concealed behind them? I can’t remember. My hair, which had
:iconconfusedkangaroo:confusedkangaroo 6 3


Pokemom: A Grass/Fairy Nuzlocke Cover by EmeraldGlee Pokemom: A Grass/Fairy Nuzlocke Cover :iconemeraldglee:EmeraldGlee 8 3 free togedemaru icon! by RRRAI free togedemaru icon! :iconrrrai:RRRAI 405 19 PKMNSkies: Interview with Asuka by DasherDoodle PKMNSkies: Interview with Asuka :icondasherdoodle:DasherDoodle 4 8
Dragon book of the month: One year in DA special!
My favorite DA dragon writings since November
First special: Dragon book of the month: 6 months in DA special!
I promised I would do this every 6 months, and here I am. So here is the best dragon literature I've found in these last six months.
:iconfiredragoneyes: Firedragoneyes's Knights of the Grey City
Firedragoneyes is really a big thing in DA dragon literature - she's the writer of dragon novels such as Dragon Wings, Golden Blood, its sequel Golden Stain and Half-Dragon Solis. Knights of the Grey City is his fifth, settled between our Toronto and a mysterious and menacing grey city where monsters wander around ready to attack and two humans find themselves to be throw
:iconrandomvangloboii:RandomVanGloboii 4 21
[TF] Skitty TF [Prize] by MagicalTF [TF] Skitty TF [Prize] :iconmagicaltf:MagicalTF 24 11
Tagged by :iconDreamCasterpegasus:
Here are the rules:
You have to post ALL the rules.
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Choose 12 people.
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You can't say you don't do tags.
Tag backs are ALLOWED 
You must do the journal entry
1. Which starter did you choose for Pokémon Sun & Moon?
I chose litten
2. What is your favorite Mega Man franchise?
Classic and X
3. Favorite Guilty Pleasure movie/game?
I have none
4. Are you an in-box or out-of-box amiibo collector?
I'm neither of those two
5. Hot Topic or Spencer's?
Hot Topic
6. What is considered your best sport?
I don't have any
7. Who do you main in Smash Bros.?
Mii and Mega Man
8. Which hero do you use the most in OverWatch?
I don't play Overwatch
9. 3DS or PS Vita?
10. When you play fighting games, do you prefer using a regular controller or a Arcade stick?
Both I guess
11. Pokémon or Yo-Kai
:iconmegaer:Megaer 3 2
Dear Dragon 208 by DragonwolfRooke Dear Dragon 208 :icondragonwolfrooke:DragonwolfRooke 51 86 PKMNSkies : : Next Up is the Flower Garden by CJizzlelette PKMNSkies : : Next Up is the Flower Garden :iconcjizzlelette:CJizzlelette 9 11
I was tagged!! 13 things + questions
tagged by my pal :iconpawsomenss:
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alright!! thanks 4 taggin me dude i used to love filling out these things i havent done one in 600 years
13 things
I'm a trans dude!! funky fresh my guys put on that binder and try not to break ur ribs
I have pretty severe anxiety, due to that i have a lot of weird fears. Some of which include- House fires (theres reason behind that one but its still v specific ) , the ocean ( that one makes a little sense), very high numbers, a fear of falling asleep (trust me it fuccin sucks ) , a general fear of drugs / alcohol, and a severe discomfort around swans and geese !
:iconangryanimeboys:AngryAnimeBoys 2 3
Prompt: Role Reversal (May 2017)
Thanks for everyone's participation for April's theme! 
Highlighted story of the month: 

A wonderful look into the joy of flight, produced through the lens of a story set in a simpler time. An absolute joy to read~
AbNom, you earned a 3-step TF request or a story request! Leave a comment below or send me a note about what you want~
We had 2 other entries, and the lucky winner this month is... confusedkangaroo! You earned a TF single, leave a comment below or send me a note about what you want~
Now, on to May's theme~

Calling all TF writers! Let's get together and get creative~
This month's theme is: 'Role Reversal'!
Ever look at your pet and wonder what it's like to be them? Maybe they're wondering the same thing too, who knows. Or maybe you're a dog herding sheep, or a zookeeper - who knows? Either way, with a little magical help, a change of perspective would be very interesting i
:iconshapeshiftersmonthly:ShapeshiftersMonthly 2 15
Breath of the Wild Kass Figure by brackenhawk Breath of the Wild Kass Figure :iconbrackenhawk:brackenhawk 301 40 Meltown-A FireRed Nuzlocke Comic(COVER) by Dreamand Meltown-A FireRed Nuzlocke Comic(COVER) :icondreamand:Dreamand 17 6 PKMN Skies: Escort Mission by Dr-InSean PKMN Skies: Escort Mission :icondr-insean:Dr-InSean 7 24
Sanctuary of Wings, April 2017

25th of April, 2017: the release date for The Sanctuary of Wings. But what is the Sanctuary of Wings, you might ask? It is book five in the Memoirs of Lady Trent, a book series I have no end of hype for!
These books are gorgeous; look at Todd Lockwood's cover illustrations!
Wow, right???
So, these books are about Lady Trent, a female scientist in the 19th century, who left the civilised country of Scirland to discover dragons in exotic places! Among other things, the books tend to deal with a lot of feminism stuff; the fact no one takes a female scientist seriously is a recurring theme. This ties in with the fact that Lady Trent discovers amazing things about dragons, so fans of animal physiology and anatomy will love these books (even with the dragon's bizarre wing structures; the finger bones are attached to wrist bones in such a way as to spread the finders down the arm of the wing or something? Squint at the front cover of 'A Natural History of Dragons', tho
:icongroup-for-bookwyrms:Group-for-Bookwyrms 2 14
chilling by Drawloverlala chilling :icondrawloverlala:Drawloverlala 1,158 143 Card Captor Sakura by Eternal-S Card Captor Sakura :iconeternal-s:Eternal-S 731 25


I cannot say whether this dragon is true to the Wing of Fire series as I haven't read it yet, so that won't be a factor in this critiqu...

This is both an elegant and comical piece. Speaking of the elegance first, that is one very sleek Xerneas. I can see that you paid clos...

by nechin

This is an impressive piece of digital artwork. From the speedpaint video, I can see you paid careful attention to the OC's reference, ...


Thanks for taking the time to read this firstly.

Some of you may remember that I was seriously considering commissions. I thank all who responded to that journal and the advice given. I’ve continued thinking about it, but now my hand has been forced. Due to my recent ill health and some matters in real life, I need more money in order to support both myself and my fiancé. Therefore I am starting story commissions.

I will not be doing anything art based for the time being as my skills with writing seem to be better. What I am willing to do, examples from my work (please note that any mention of characters from companies I will not do as detailed in the Terms of Service later) and for how much are detailed below:

-Single Pokémon Tfs of ANY Pokémon-Those familiar with my requests know that once a Pokémon is requested and written, nobody can request that Pokémon again. With this it doesn’t matter if the Pokémon is on the list or not, I will write a transformation story if it. This is for one character only.

Think Big (Arceus Tf)He had to find him, and somehow he would.
Alex typed away at a laptop, about a quarter of the way up a rugged yellow mountain, on the outskirts of his local park. It was quite a windy day, that attempted to tear at his red polo shirt, protected by his black leather jacket. The wind made his light grey jeans feel bitterly cold, and he couldn’t feel his toes underneath his black sneakers. His fingers weren’t much better, and his light brown hair (which was an identical colour to his eyes) looked more like a hedgehog. None of this really mattered: it was peaceful here and it was the solitude that Alex required.
Currently, he was trailing through missing person lists in an attempt to find his missing brother. Max, who was a couple of years younger than him, had been missing for over two months now. In fact Alex had only really been aware of his disappearance when he had returned to the country for a vacation. Then again, having received no word from his brother before then shou
    Costume Creativity (Zoroark Tf)Hmmmmm, maybe that? Or he could...? No. What about mixing that with that? Then..wouldn’t this...ARGH! This was so hard!
Luke’s head thumped the table, fortunately being cushioned by a mass of black fabric. Feeling almost suffocated by all the silky stuff, he sat up. His brown hair swirling as he came up, his blue eyes dim against the almost flickering light bulb in his room, and his black T-shirt with blue edged sleeves resting gently against his body, his jeans and white socks currently covered by his beige wooden desk. The problem Luke was finding, on the eve of Halloween, was a costume. He was due to go to the school’s disco tonight, everyone being in fancy dress. The 14 year old was expected to have one of the best costumes: art had been his forte since infancy. He wasn’t one of those distant artists either: he was very respected and carefree, but still had the capacity to treat the world as real. He was a popular guy, even if some people really didn’t

Price: £8

-Multiple Pokémon Tfs-A story featuring two or more chapters with two or more characters being transformed into Pokémon. The minimum is one chapter/short story involving two to three characters and the maximum is eight chapters involving six characters (a beginning and end chapter along with individual chapters for individual transformations). Once again any Pokémon can be selected.

Sisters forever! (Pikachu and Pichu Tf)“Come on! This shop looks so cool!”
“Alright, I admit it does. Just remember we only brought 5 Pokedollars between us.”
This was the moment that Jas and Mia entered Maya’s Dream Emporium looking for a final gift to each. After all, this was going to be their last trip out for a very long time. Jas and Mia were quite young kids, 13 and 11 respectively, and were incredibly close sisters. They were the kind of siblings that did everything together, rarely argued and, while different in many respects, were also similar in many ways. Both loved Pokémon, particularly the cute chu mons, both were inspired by Tate and Lisa, to someday become joint electric gym leaders and both were fond of afternoon tea. Having said that, Jas was the quieter, more mature one who would happily spend her day gazing far away. Mia, on the other hand, was a bit hyper and impulsive and would often be seen running around the front yard. Both were a little naive, but then again livin
    Sonic Pokemon Tf version Chap 1:Eggman's inventionMany people know Sonic, Tails and co., and of course his archenemy Dr. Eggman. With Sonic’s addition in the well-known Super Smash Bros series, it was only a matter of time before a new Sonic character joined the fight.
None wanted this more so than Dr. Eggman. The idea that he could defeat Sonic, time and time again (the thought that Sonic would beat him in Smash wasn’t one he processed) as well as others from other worlds was one he delighted in. Add to that gaining knowledge about said other worlds could make his own Eggmanland even bigger than what he had intended, maybe even Eggmanlands! The call never came.
Of course the evil Doctor was annoyed by this fact, but he didn’t let it annoy him for long. Instead, he began looking into the other people and creatures who fought in the contests, and an idea began forming in his mind. What if Sonic and his friends weren’t themselves? What if they were trapped in bodies with skills they didn’t know, unable to u

Short story involving two characters transforming: £11 (add an extra £3 for an extra character)

Story involving 2 chapters and 2 characters: £16 (add an extra £8 for each new chapter and character)

-Short fantasy themed stories-I’ve recently begun writing short fantasies, so if you have an idea with dragons, elves, magic, fairy tale interpretations etc. I can write it. Unlike the two above, the prices here are based on how many words you’d like me to write.

Cold Obsession of Winter's QueenIt had all gone so well, perfect even. The boy captured, taken home and made to work, to repair the mirror that was her most precious possession…until he arrived. Then, her gaze began to shift. Not to the fragments on the floor, but to the curly mop, the delicate hands, the distant glassy eyes. That’s what the mirror did to humanity, made them cold, hardened haters. Such a good worker, the boy, never complaining, never looking back at the past. It’s all she ever did: remembered the glory days of winter, the embrace of an eternal season of bleakness. When the mirror was complete, she would show them, show the world, and the boy…
The boy would be at her side, coldly staring at the world. He hadn’t featured in the plans, not originally, but time, time that lasted a year, spent watching, waiting…Could her heart have melted? It mattered not. So what if she was obsessed with the boy? What if she didn’t spend her time raining snow and ice on the peopl
    Saved by the lightI had been stupid, really stupid.
I had just wanted to run, run away from what was going on and pretend it never happened. My mother’s real children had come home, all grown up for a ‘family gathering’. How could I be family when I was out of place, just the odd one out? No, I couldn’t bear it, so I did the thing I always did when things got tough. I ran into the woods.
At first it had been such a great adventure: just me in my clothes running past trees, getting muddy, pretending I was free. Then the sun set, it got cold and the rain began falling. Stupid scared me had of course forgotten to bring an umbrella, or food, or a raincoat, or a sleeping bag…anything. I just sank down and sobbed at the base of the tree. It wasn’t mum’s fault: she had to think about and love her own children as well as me, and she was always a fair woman. It wasn’t her children’s fault either: they expected to be loved back by their mother. I hoped they wo

500-750 words: £4

751-1000 words: £6

1001-1500 words: £8

1501-2000 words: £10

Over 2001 words: £12

I have written a Terms of Service for my commissions, because the last thing I need is people who intend to exploit this. Please read them first before asking a commission of me:

What I will NOT write in Tfs:


Anthro changes


Full mental changes

Age changes


Sexual themes

What I will NOT write in fantasy stories:

Extreme violence (a bit of blood or death is fine, but not overblown e.g. stabbing is fine, but ot being hacked to pieces)

Sexual themes


Basically, I aim to keep my stories child friendly as that is the ideal I emulate.

If I am uncomfortable with taking on a commission, I have the right to decline it.

Some questions I can see being asked!

How much information do you require to take a commission, and is there a structure to it?

I have written in the terms and services a structure for asking commissions via note form. You can make the information you provide me as little or as much as you want. Please be aware that the less information you give me, the more you leave me to my own creativity so the end result might not quite be hat you desired. So please make sure you tell me what you want to avoid this with specifics unless you want to see what my brain can come up with.

I only have points, can I ask for a commission?

To summarise the main parts of the terms and services, I am accepting PAYPAL only, NOT POINTS. Points don’t pay for bills easily!

Why are you prices set at this rate?

If you think the prices are high, this is because I am keeping to the minimum living wage of my country as much as possible (while including paypal fees). As you are asking for a paid commission from me, I believe it’s important to reflect this in the current living wage of my country. The prices might, of course, go up or down at any stage depending on this and my own circumstances.

Can you summarise for me what I need to do to ask for a commission?

Note me with the information expressed in the Terms of Service with your commission idea. I might ask for clarification on some parts, before either declining or accepting it. Once it has been accepted, I will provide my account name by note and you must send the money in British Pounds (ask if you are not sure how to do it). Please do not send the money as a gift because this is illegal and include no address because nothing is being shipped: it’s all digital. I require the money upfront and, if it hasn’t been received within 2 days of my information being sent, then I will assume you don’t want the commission and cancel it. I will confirm when I have received payment.

When can I expect the commission?

I will aim to complete your story or first chapter within at least 3 months of receiving payment, but hopefully shorter. In the case of stories with multiple chapters, I will aim to then get the next chapters out once a month. Any delays due to life, ill health etc. I will inform you about. I can refund you the full amount, either if your circumstances have become extreme or if I am unable to complete the commission. If I have started the commission, I will send you an amount equal to the time I haven’t spent working on it.

Once the commission is complete, I will submit it to my deviantart account. You can then use it personally, such as submitting it to your own deviantart account with credit to me, but not commercially.

Why has this been so long to read/why do you even have a Terms of Service?

The last thing I need now that I am doing this is for someone to exploit my services. I am sure many of you wouldn’t dream of this, but I have to be careful because there are some people who will. The Terms of Service covers this and will be updated as required.

Will you continue doing openings for Tf requests?

Right now it's hard for me to say. I will complete the final two requests, but circumstances might mean I have to focus more on commissions. I would dearly love to reopen requests for those who cannot pay because I don't think its always fair that if you have a lack of funds, need parental permission but don't have it etc. that you can't ask for things. If they do reopen, I will of course make a new journal. Requests at the very least won't be open until a while after Sun and Moon are released, because no doubt some of you will want the new Pokémon. Of course, once Sun and Moon are released, nothing to stop people from asking commissions of them!

Will commissions come out faster than requests or about the same?

Faster. As you are paying for me to do literature, I will attempt to get them out faster than requests. Think of that as a bonus if you like.

What happens if you get no commissions? Won't you be disappointed?

If I never try, I'll never know. I'm also in a position where I need to think about how to get more funds in to support me and my fiancé due to real life stuff. At the end of the day, if no one decides they want a commission, I'll have lost nor gained anything. Glass half full mentality!

What if I want to support your work, but can’t request a commission (due to lack of funds etc.)?

I’d be grateful if you can spread the word about me opening commissions.

A full list of commissions and any updates to them can be found on my profile information.

Thank you for your time and please feel free to ask any questions.


confusedkangaroo's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist
United Kingdom
Welcome! Here you will find Sonic style Pokémon, a nuzlocke comic, a Rune Factory fan fiction, PMDUnity and PKMNSkies participation, fantasy book reviews, random stuff...oh and Tf stories!

Currently requests are CLOSED. However, make sure you read it first before requesting once they are open again: (Requests may or may not reopen for a while depending on real life circumstances and commissions.)

Collabs are CLOSED so I can spend time focusing on commissions, as well as having limited time in real life to do them. If this changes, I will amend this paragraph.

Commissions are OPEN! Link is here: Please also read the Terms of Service before asking for one:

Commission list:

1. Reshiram Tf for ChristopherGonzales1

Enjoy your day!


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